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Existence truly is one

Existence truly is one and existence truly is based on numbers and existence begins with one and truly continues until the infinite without being able to be counted. But no matter how infinite the numbers all add up to one. And when one is born, one truly is born as one or as the number one and one also has that very same grandiose ability of continuing until the infinite without having any end but to continue also as one or even as more or for much more.


Two thoughts

One cannot have two thoughts at the very same time because, if not, both are lost and one does for nothing for nothing to become. A thought are pieces of knowledge which are pieces of matter. And as the same as is matter, a thought can be useful or useless, but even though useless, a thought can occupy good space and not allow for a good thought to enter and materialize in the form of real gladness and real joy, which in truth give rebirth and everything becomes as if it were always new!

Man sees through his knowledge

Whatever things, even thoughts, no matter how minimum they may be, for God are complete, but for man are lack, are very little things or even insignificant. Because in truth, man sees through his very own knowledge and not through the knowledge of God, which renews God forever more as much more!

And so that man renews as God, man not only needs the knowledge of God but man also needs the acknowledgement of God because only God can acknowledge God or add to God!

To die is not to do

One must first do to truly know things which are already known but which are not seen and to wait and to die is not to do, no matter how good sounding the doctrine. Because in truth, too much sound from the river is too much sound of the water and too much sound from the river does not sound too good.

When it becomes impossible already having

When some need, they seek he that truly has, even though it may be the very minimum, and no one seeks he who does not have. And they even do the impossible to seek that which is of another. But when they come to have for themselves, they also do the impossible to not share, not even the very minimum of joy, the true joy which truly completes no matter how small the possession that one may have.

A name means many things

A person with a name means many things, such as that he was born or that he was adopted into life. But a name can be a double edged sword because the very name may not allow the name bearer to be something more in society. But the bearer must know or must understand that he was given a name for being born alive and for being born alive thus the bearer brought knowledge of life and of what he was going to do in life no matter what his name, limiting or not!

And even though his very name may have limits, the bearer does not because as soon as he learns or understands to ask, he can ask for the vey heavens and the very heavens are truly his, with power and all!