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Turning left makes no right

Those that turn left will always turn left no matter how many rights they make. Those that turn right will always keep right no matter how many lefts they turn.


The Imitation of a Brother

The imitation of a brother beloved no matter how great the imitation does not make the imitator into a son beloved because the son beloved is a grandiose title granted to a son for doing with gladness and with joy and doing in abundance the will or the pleasure of the father and that action or reaction of doing with gladness and with joy and even doing in abundance truly made the father feel a greater or renewed father as father beloved…

According to One’s Knowledge

According to one’s knowledge, one sees things. And if one sees things much greater than one, one is seeing things with one’s small knowledge. And if one sees things smaller than one, one is seeing things with one’s small knowledge.

To see one greater or taller than things, thus one to things must give the knowledge of greater or of taller or of grandiose so that things also to one give the knowledge of great or of tall or of grandiose. And one will never be small no matter how small one is and the small will never be small to one no matter how small the small because knowledge gives form as also reform…

Lack is made by something

Darkness does not shine but darkness is seen. Darkness is not solid but darkness is seen and even though darkness is seen, darkness is lack, lack of light. The same can be said about space. Space can be seen because of the lack, because of the lack of matter. And the same can be said about cold. Cold is felt for lack of heat or lack of warmth. Thus darkness, space or cold is negative knowledge or is lack of knowledge. But lack does not make herself because lack is made by something which cannot be seen or is not known but that it really is…

Existence truly is one

Existence truly is one and existence truly is based on numbers and existence begins with one and truly continues until the infinite without being able to be counted. But no matter how infinite the numbers all add up to one. And when one is born, one truly is born as one or as the number one and one also has that very same grandiose ability of continuing until the infinite without having any end but to continue also as one or even as more or for much more.