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Giving thanks completes

Things are truly enjoyed more when one gives thanks. And if the thing asked for comes but is not as asked, thus giving thanks completes it. Now, to give thanks is to ask truly for the presence of God so that not only one can truly enjoy what one has received with gladness and joy but also so that God also can truly enjoy with gladness and joy what one received or the thing one requested from God. But the truth is that God will present himself with gladness and with joy and even with his loving grace and truly enjoy himself when the thing one requests from God is asked from God but according to the will of God and not according to one’s will.

The True Happiness of One

If God the good and very loving Creator is not one’s happiness, thus everything which one has done and will do is and will be forever vanity, even one’s very death was because of vanity, not doing for God and the true happiness which is God to be able to be reborn and thus continue with life but with God or united to God because without God there is no more life and even less there will be true happiness..

To do to learn to understand

It is not the question whether someone teaches so that the other can learn or understand, but rather it is the question that one as the other must first do to learn to understand.

Now then, only through one truly doing can one truly know. Now then, to come to truly know is to be reborn alive into abundance of life. Thus to come to truly know was to enter back into life but as if new and as if new forever and as if one never ever left the loving and abundant grace of He that was to become one’s Father beloved…

The real fruit

He who makes God the good and loving Creator his real console and his real joy, he will have the real double fruit. And the real double fruit is an abundance which adds to five times the amount, which in truth is real peace and real knowledge, real gladness and real joy and also is real acknowledgement, because now one is prince of salvation!

To unite again the heavens

Before knowing the joy of God which in truth renames and which in truth makes one new in life thus one must in truth know or receive the victory which God will grant to all the gracious or the happy fighter that fights to understand or to know the things of God as loving Father.

Thus in truth, to come to truly understand or to come to know the things of God as loving Father is in truth to unite once again the heavens and the earths.

Now then, that victory which in truth that God will grant is the faith of God, which in truth will begin with all gladness and with all joy, which in truth is a taste of eternity in ecstasy, and that will continue and will end in the desolation of God because the gladness and the joy will depart and what will remain is the faith, but this time with a deep desire to know more of God.

And even though the faith of God in one in truth is victory, it is not a victory in where one could in truth rest to take form even though there will be form, the form of beloved of God, of beloved of God that now is captain, prince or even king of desolation!

Because in truth, that which is chosen from above in truth is put to the test and later it is truly approved with praise, because from and through praise will come out beloved of God son beloved of God, that way uniting the Father to the son as also uniting again the heavens and the earth but new heavens as also a new earth and everything united to one…

A day after another

God the good and loving Creator in truth created one day after another. And the very same way in truth God lives, one day after another and waiting that man in truth does the very same as God the good and loving Creator. And when man in truth does the very same as God, thus man in truth will be complete as God the good and loving Creator.