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The reason that one must do for knowing for oneself

One must do for knowing for oneself because in the moment which one stops from doing for oneself, one loses knowledge or there is no knowledge of one and for lack of knowledge of one or of acknowledgement of one or even for lack of the justification of one not only one stops from doing and from being but also all things stop from doing and also stop from being…


To sin and die

To lose life was because of sin and to sin was to die and to die was to lose every possibility of reviving or of rebirth because to revive or to be reborn one requires life. To sin was to deviate from the road toward life and to live in vain as an empty vase which never filled and because of never filled the vase was thrown to a side as nothing or as of vanity.

The rich and the poor

A man with true gladness and with true joy, even though a poor man, can conquer any woman or can have a better life! But a man with true sadness, even though a rich man, loses any woman or loses any good life!

Because in truth, true gladness and true joy bring forth rebirth or renew all of those that true gladness and true joy touch! But sadness departs even the most mature…

However, true gladness and true joy come only from God but God will grant true gladness and true joy to one for one honestly seeking God so that one as God can be reborn in abundance from gladness and from joy…

True knowledge is truly knowable

True knowledge is eventually knowable or really granted. God is true knowledge and eventually God will be completely knowable and will be completely knowable in life because God is also life.

Now then, all of those who have come to die, they all have also lose the great opportunity of in truth knowing the knowable God.

Too much rest and chaos

Too much rest, in truth, harms not only the one resting too much but also harms too much what was made, if it was that something was made. Because in truth, what was kept from being done or from being known, thus it returns to chaos or it loses its form. Even the dead lose their form because they cannot do in truth or they cannot really do. And what is done in truth or is truly done thus makes in truth a very good rest and a very good rest is that rest where one has become as new without even one resting even…