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Abundance Becomes

Abundance comes or becomes after birth or with life alive. And double the abundance, all five portions of her, comes or becomes after rebirth or with life renewed.


With the knowledge presented

With the knowledge or with the understanding that one in truth gives or one is, thus one in truth will live, one in truth will hear and one in truth will be heard and responded to and one also in truth will do through the knowledge lend by one so that one can live and revive, if revive is what one in truth desires to do, because to revive thus one must also do!

Because in truth, according to the knowledge that one presented to the fathers, thus one by the fathers will be heard! And if one in truth has presented as son thus as son one will be heard and as son one will be responded because one as son or according to the knowledge with what one has presented thus will do!

To live

To live in truth thus one must stop from surviving. And to revive in truth thus one must stop from living to revive but not die. Because in truth, when one came out of the loving grace and outside the loving grace one survived but one had to stop from surviving to be able to live and because of living, thus with life one presented oneself and because of presenting oneself with life, one thus revived others so that others were for more and for more they would do and they be able through themselves be revived and stop from living but not die.

Now then, in the very same manner that one presented oneself with life and one stopped from surviving to life one enter, thus one now must present oneself again for more so that one for more does and because of one in truth doing for more thus one revives in all abundance and dies not because to die is because of not entering in abundance and revive through her.