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One’s possessions are but one’s limits

One’s possessions are but one’s limits and the more the possessions of one, thus the more the limits of one. That is the very reason that one has to have real acknowledgement because with real acknowledgement thus there are not any limits even though one is complete.


Having and limit

Sometimes what one already has limits what one can in truth have because when one has, one cannot see that there is lack! And the worse lack is for one to be in lack and know not that one is in lack, because the knowledge of lack in truth is the very beginning of the abundance, of the double abundance which adds to five times the amount!

A name means many things

A person with a name means many things, such as that he was born or that he was adopted into life. But a name can be a double edged sword because the very name may not allow the name bearer to be something more in society. But the bearer must know or must understand that he was given a name for being born alive and for being born alive thus the bearer brought knowledge of life and of what he was going to do in life no matter what his name, limiting or not!

And even though his very name may have limits, the bearer does not because as soon as he learns or understands to ask, he can ask for the vey heavens and the very heavens are truly his, with power and all!

The law of God and the law of man

The law of God truly transcends infinite boundaries, unlike the law of man which depends on them. The law of man is not only to limit man in his very society, but the law of man is to limit man to any other realm, such as rebirth or a much greater life!

Now then, the law of God as Creator is not to limit, but the law of God as Creator is to show that there is no limit with God as Creator. The law of God as Creator as is the very light, is to show or is to allow one to know that there is truly something much greater and that one can take the very form of that which is much greater when one truly humbles to and for the much greater through the much greater!