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If there is no love

If there is no love in humanity thus nothing is humanity and for nothing will humanity become, because love is a force of attraction and that force of attraction is always for more and never for less.


Those that do more through less

There are those that in truth do more with a less mind and with less body than those that have complete mind and complete body. The irony of all this is that he that is complete can see for complete and for seeing complete thus in truth he can add or multiply the complete so that what is complete forever becomes as new and because of forever becoming as new thus never finishes or never becomes corrupt. But that in truth is not happening!

Now then, those that with little in truth do more is because they through the very lack have seen that there really is more because they also know that lack is made my something or lack is made by one, by the lack of one as the lack of many. That is to say, that the lack is because of the lack of one which already is present but cannot be seen. But to come in truth to know the lack, thus the lack will give birth to one in complete abundance because nothing in truth comes from lack, but rather, it or one comes in truth because of abundance. And what has come has come in truth to add to the abundance or to complete the abundance through its presence, through the very presence of one or through the very presence of what has just arrived.