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If one wants to see more

If one wants to see more, one simply learns a little more. And the more one learned, the more one saw. And then nothing or anything is vanity! Read, learn and see! Furthermore, when one presents oneself as more or for more thus as more or for more everything else becomes as more or for more until one truly becomes as more or for more and then everything becomes forever abundant and forever abundant everything refreshes, even one becomes as if one was forever two or more.


To teach and to learn

No teacher, no matter how wise, can truly teach if the student will not enjoy to learn or to know. Because in truth, the joy or the desire is the key which truly takes and which truly brings without having to do the motion of going and of arriving.

Unity and division

Unity, as well as division, causes real trials and real errors. The trials are so that one can learn right and right do and because of doing right, never forget right. The errors are because of not remembering the right and those who do not remember the right, error because there is really nothing left…

One cannot learn without knowing

One cannot be recognized without first being known. One cannot be reborn without first being born and being born alive. One cannot be renamed without first being named. In other words, one cannot learn without knowing and one learns by doing; and when one does, one will learn to respond. Those who do without knowing will not know how to respond when called.

Doing multiplies one

When one has learned the good or the bad, then one has become as two.  For, learning or doing multiplies one and one becomes more complete but not limited.  One only becomes limited by doing the bad learned; but through the good done by one, one becomes refreshed or renewed, a very grandiose reward for doing the good…

A painful over weight

When a son becomes an obligation, now is a painful over weight and he who carries that painful over weight thus he cannot learn and he cannot teach. And if he cannot learn or cannot teach, because he does for another and does not do for himself, then less can he understand or have knowledge to be able to overcome because to overcome, one requires knowledge.