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Many wait that others to do for them

Many wait that others to do for them and they are not pleased in doing for themselves for they wait for instant gratification. But those that do not do for themselves even so die for themselves and do not know that if they did for themselves to live thus they will truly have the grandiose knowledge to be reborn or revive or of being saviors beloveds with all gladness and with all joy and also with all abundance.


The life alive that is with God

In death one cannot know the truth which is life alive that is with God. And life alive that is with God, God truly wants to give or to grant us in life alive. But we must put all of our grandiose desires alive for life alive with God.

Perfection and lack

If something is complete, thus it will not know it because it lacks lack to be able to know that it is complete! Now then, he who completes the things is he who made the things, but he will not complete the things because they are not complete. He will complete the things which have come to be complete or which have come to truly have real knowledge and because of real knowledge, thus he has acknowledged them perfect!

Knowing to know

One first has to in truth know to know or in truth know to praise so that in truth one can be acknowledged or one can be also praised. And with that acknowledgement or with that praise thus one in truth can also be reborn in life. But be very careful how it is known or it is praised because in truth the knowledge lend or the praise given will take you in truth to tests, to tests for what came out from your mouth!