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The reason that one must do for knowing for oneself

One must do for knowing for oneself because in the moment which one stops from doing for oneself, one loses knowledge or there is no knowledge of one and for lack of knowledge of one or of acknowledgement of one or even for lack of the justification of one not only one stops from doing and from being but also all things stop from doing and also stop from beingā€¦


One truly is born ready for every capacity

One truly is born ready for every capacity, even with the capacity of rebirth, with the knowledge which one brought into the world but the very world limits one through the very knowledge that the world has stopped from having by the very world stopping from doing and doing is what truly brings knowledge and knowledge is what truly gives form or identity or even justification and also knowledge gives the knowledge to be reborn or to be born again in complete abundanceā€¦

Without justification

One cannot be holy or be a saint if one is not justified by him that in truth justifies because in truth he is just through justification. Because in truth, he that justifies himself as holy or as a saint thus he is only the enemy. That is, he that himself justifies thus he himself is the enemy even of himself!

Now then, without the justification from above in truth one cannot be holy. Only God is in truth the One which can make holy by justifying and taking one from the desolation of God.

Because in truth, he that is justified from above is because he is in truth beloved of God and because of being beloved of God he will be called from above and he will in truth be renamed or will be justified in double abundance from the desolation of God.

Stolen knowledge and nakedness

Stolen knowledge in truth not only brings complete nakedness, but stolen knowledge in truth also brings complete emptiness even though that stolen knowledge is true knowledge.

Because in truth, true knowledge is for those that in truth worked or struggle for that true knowledge and that true knowledge in truth will justify them and dress them also with the true colors of righteous.

Thus those that justify themselves have stolen knowledge not belonging to them and because of that they are completely naked and also completely empty, but that complete emptiness does not allow them to be more.