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Those that seek about immortality

Those that truly seek about or for immortality, thus they truly already have made a space for her and she will allow them to enter into her as immortals or adopted sons of hers when she truly is granted by God, because immortality truly is of God but she will not be denied to any man that does for God or that presents God for much more than his Creator.

The key of immortality

True or royal knowledge truly is the key or the corner stone of true or royal immortality, which is in royal life and is accepted by the mortal before dying to never ever die.

He that has died has lost the very grandiose opportunity to true or royal immortality; he has even lost royal salvation which is the first royal step toward true or royal immortality.

The living tongue of oneself truly is the path, an unknown and as of yet unbeaten path or never ever walked on by anybody on the earth. And one truly is the door, the door of oneself and never ever the door of another as neither another ever is or will be the door of one but the door for himself…

Fortunate those that think of immortality

Immortality is not for everyone, but fortunate for all of those that think of her and later in truth seek her to know her, see her and enter in her as immortals.

Thus, with the true search of immortality or the truth, because the truth truly is immortality, and the truth is eternal, begins an expansion with gladness and joy and also with abundance, with double the abundance, the five portions of her, of which are the first step toward immortality and the truth of the truth…

The road toward immortality

The real road, real road as in royal road, toward immortality is unbeaten, unmarked and is a road without tread or trampled and as of yet has not been travelled by anyone, perhaps started but never finished or completed, but transformed into an idea or rumor or a fantasy or a lie for money or a position by those that know something of the road but do not cross it or understand it so that they can become the road.

The immortality that was

If I would had closed my eyes,
I would had felt the immortality that was,
the love she has for the seers who close their eyes
just to be with her alive for a second or two.

But the harm and the hurting are on!
I have seen her empty or useless nakedness
through my measuring of her and she was
and she still is but ashamed.

That is, until the day I die!

Measuring immortality

I casted my green eyes like a pair of dice
and when they stopped rolling they looked at immortality.
They had measured and dressed her with green,
thus making her jealous, smaller and ashamed at a great cost,
costing my immortality. The cost for measuring, dressing
and even giving a simple look to immortality
so that she too can stare is but death!