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The Lie Discovered

A great lie was invented by a man to hurt other men but that first man was considered as the truth herself because no other man had found out the lie, but when a man did discover the lie, that man was considered and labeled a betrayer and even a greater liar and even a murder.

And time goes on by and men keep on dying as the liar intended but he that seeks the truth, the truth will send him free and she will speak for him until he is refined as the truth.


Real love

When one loves or is loved, thus one endures pain! But in truth, real love or true love does not hurt because real love or true love renews, makes things as new constantly until forever!

The immortality that was

If I would had closed my eyes,
I would had felt the immortality that was,
the love she has for the seers who close their eyes
just to be with her alive for a second or two.

But the harm and the hurting are on!
I have seen her empty or useless nakedness
through my measuring of her and she was
and she still is but ashamed.

That is, until the day I die!