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Without Repentance

Repentance truly is to come to know or is to recognize. No one really repents without knowing or without understanding or without really knowing as to why, because repentance really is to make half a turn or is to turn around back to where one came or to where one exited from.

But no one repents or no one turns back around until not really understanding or until not really knowing that there no longer is anything more or nothing better forward, but only what remained behind and ironically for what no longer was behind thus one when forward to seek with hope of finding, but one knew not that what one really sought was one formed or one transformed or one reformed!


Such is the form of the human being

One can wait all life for something that one has desired with all heart and when it arrives as if suddenly, one does not understand it and rejects it! Such is the form of the human being and that form because he did not take form to receive the form that he waited for.

One waits because in truth one has done and the true wait or the hope is what gives form not only to what it is being waited for, but also gives form to one so one because of the form of one, the thing waited for will be seeing complete no matter how small it may be because one has truly become complete through hope.

Perhaps and the truth

Perhaps is not part of the truth. The truth is simply the truth and the simpler the truth, the greater the truth. When one finds the truth for really seeking the truth, the truth will put one right between two intersections and right after one of them there is hope. And the hope is to see if one continues in the very truth because now one is the greater part of the truth or to see if one turns back after the hope and then cross into perhaps, the last and final crossing where there is nothing, not even a hope of turning back or going forth…

One must give God complete confidence

Even though God has with what, for God in truth has all the power and all the authority and even much more for God in truth being complete, one must in truth give to God the Creator complete confidence and complete hope of one.

But before giving God complete confidence and complete hope of one, thus one has in truth to present or come to God with complete knowledge of God and through that knowledge of God thus one in truth requests more knowledge of God to more knowledge of God one have, because the more knowledge of God one has thus in truth more is God to one as one is more to God…

Now then, without knowledge one truly cannot present oneself because one will not receive any acknowledgement because of that lack of knowledge and since there is neither knowledge nor there is acknowledgement thus one in truth cannot give either confidence or give hope nor of one nor of anyone.

Because in truth, to present oneself with knowledge is in truth to present oneself with form as once one in truth presented oneself with form at birth. But this time one very self will speak for the form and not the form of one will speak for one when one in truth lends knowledge to acknowledgement one receive.

God is also hope

God truly is hope but only and when one truly waits or truly hopes for God. Now then, to come to truly wait or to have hope truly was for truly coming to do and because of doing in truth in truth know the purpose of the hope or the purpose of the waiting, of waiting that in truth is to rest and that will take true form so that hope can truly be seeing and can truly be enjoyed and complete gladness and with complete joy the hope waited for that will be truly completed by one oneself when hope becomes or hope arrives. And what will arrive is truly God if God truly was hoped or waited for. And that hope or waiting for God truly will complete God in one with complete gladness and with complete joy and also with complete knowledge of God.