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When one was confirmed into the world as son

When one was confirmed into the world as son, as son one did in the world such as to see as son, to hear as son, to feel as son, to speak as son. And one’s parents also begun to do as much more for the fact of becoming parents but that act of parents came to the limit because they truly could not see beyond and stopped from being parents for coming to die and the son also stopped from being son even though alive…

To truly listen

According to how one presented to the world at birth, thus one was recognized or conformed to the world by the world! If one presented one dead to the world thus there is nothing more to say or there is nothing more to confirm because the dead cannot hear to be able to respond.

But if one was born alive, thus for what one has presented thus one will be truly conformed to life and as one, one will do and as one, one will see and also as one, one will know and one will listen and grow through what one presented as the same as those that conformed one to the world will see one do, see one see and also know and listen and grow through one. And they will even call one through what they truly know of one. In other words, the world will see or will know one through what one presented of one and the world will see one or will know one through what one do through one.

Wisdom for wisdom

A man can hear the wisdom of another, but only God can teach wisdom for wisdom from God through understanding. In other words, to understand thus one must first do but the wisdom of God teaches without doing.

Now then, the wisdom of God is the only wisdom that can be really understood without doing. The thing is that only those who seek God, God allow that wisdom of God.

Do not pretend to hear

Do not pretend to hear or to listen if you did not present yourself first so that you can truly be responded to with the very same presentation that you presented and then continue on waiting to hear but only if you keep presenting yourself, because if not you will be dead and soon deaf in all eternity for not responding yourself. Because in truth, waiting to hear or waiting to listen is not responding, not even if one called to be responded to! Because in truth, one is truly the responds which one in truth is waiting for and if one stops responding then there is no further respond and if no further respond then one comes to the end where there is no respond at all because death says for one that one just cannot respond for dead!

Those that open wide the mouths

Those that truly open wide their mouths to speak without thinking, thus in truth they cannot hear themselves speak much less think!

And the good silence truly has a purpose. The good silence is before one and one after the good silence. And if one does not do after the good silence, thus one cannot blame silence.