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Giving thanks completes

Things are truly enjoyed more when one gives thanks. And if the thing asked for comes but is not as asked, thus giving thanks completes it. Now, to give thanks is to ask truly for the presence of God so that not only one can truly enjoy what one has received with gladness and joy but also so that God also can truly enjoy with gladness and joy what one received or the thing one requested from God. But the truth is that God will present himself with gladness and with joy and even with his loving grace and truly enjoy himself when the thing one requests from God is asked from God but according to the will of God and not according to one’s will.


To truly believe is to give form

To create or to do, as also is to believe, is to truly take out from what will come and put where there was not, that way to give form. Because in truth, form cannot be given to what is not known and not seen, even though it is.

Through the giving of one

Let there not be said that one no longer receives! But rather, let it be said when one will give! Because in truth, one will receive according to what one has presented! And when one asks, thus is for more because one already has and for truly having thus one asks for more. One cannot be born without first there being and in truth one cannot be reborn if one already does not have to be reborn.

Thus, the best part of one is the mouth and through her one will be reborn if one gives all praise to he that put all abundance to later put life. Because in truth, from the very praise from the servant will come or will be reborn the son beloved of the Master!

Giving through taking is not giving

One truly redeems or one truly frees or one truly gives life with life and one does not redeem or one does not free or one does not give life with death as the very life giver gives life through life, but death gives death through taking life. Now, to give is to really request!

Thus in truth, it is requested from us life for life form the Creator of life!

The two which are one when one gives

God is one, but since God is a God of action, God is as much as one and as much as two and even as much as three.  God gives or God grants as one and God is there as one to receive, but God appears God as three to testify to the received.  And if the one who receives is one with God, then everything adds to one.

Who when he gave or granted, did not feel as the other when the other received?  Thus, he who gives or he who grants feels as two or even as three or more!