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Why the law?

If a law were ever given or were ever demanded, the law was given because of the count or given because of the few that were going to blemish or to stain the many; and because of the count or because of the few, the many will die!


Struggle without knowing

He that struggles without knowing or without understanding thus it is as if he did not struggle or the struggle is a struggle in vain. Because in truth, through true knowledge is given and through true knowledge is overcome and is triumphed.

Of what was is what is

Of what truly was thus it is and what will truly come will truly come because it truly is. That is, it is truly formed or it is given true knowledge from what truly is or from what truly has arrived. Because in truth, what really arrives brings true knowledge but true knowledge of what already really was.

When one is known

Two hear better than one, but one can hear better than two when one is known or when one is given knowledge or acknowledgement. And two can begin to confuse what they heard when one of them repeats it!

Because in truth, no two individuals can hear exactly the same because no two individuals have exactly the very same knowledge or do not use knowledge the very same way! And so one in truth hears or one even sees according to the true knowledge one already has and if one is not certain of oneself, because of lack of confidence or knowledge, the less one hears or the less one sees no matter how good the hearing or the sight may be!

Thus, truly know yourself and truly know what you truly know so that you can truly hear and then truly see what was truly heard that now is truly seen!

To be complete is to be more

The more that one has thus the more one will get. To become complete is to become more and for more thus one truly does. And the only one that can give more is one when one is truly complete and being truly complete means complete for more. That is, one does more for being truly complete and for one being truly complete one receives more.