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If the Apple is not Bitten

If the apple or any other fruit, which can transform into an enemy if forbidden, is not bitten, the teeth may be lost and if they are lost thus life may be lost and to dust will return he that did not bit for life.


If the fruit is not eaten

If the fruit is not eaten, then the fruit is not complete and the tree has produced the fruit in vain. Everything which exists or which is is knowledge one way or another. The fruit in the tree is knowledge five different ways and five different ways the fruit feeds the body and it may also feed the mind which in turn feeds the brain which in turn expands the mind or allows for more conscious mind to the conscious being.

The fruit in the mouth

The problem was not the fruit in the mouth; but the problem was the fruit in the mind, where nothing any longer fit, not even one! And even though the fruit was prohibited, the fruit was not hidden because the fruit was going to be of one when one for the fruit did and because of doing thus one knew and because of one knowing thus one responded for one and because of one thus responding for one thus that was the fruit!

The good tree of royal crowns

The good and real tree of real life grows fruits as real crowns. And the real crown is the grand and real reward which will be given to him who understands or is granted real knowledge and triumphs because of his real understanding or his real knowledge.

But he who stretches his hand and takes the real reward without being victorious, thus in truth he will be put to shame! And if he does not ask for forgiveness for stealing, it will be very difficult for him to understand or to know and thus very difficult to become as new.

The good and real tree of real life grows real crowns for he who in truth comes to know or to really understand and to him will be declared real son by the good Master Who planted the good and real tree.

The real fruit

He who makes God the good and loving Creator his real console and his real joy, he will have the real double fruit. And the real double fruit is an abundance which adds to five times the amount, which in truth is real peace and real knowledge, real gladness and real joy and also is real acknowledgement, because now one is prince of salvation!