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The Lie Discovered

A great lie was invented by a man to hurt other men but that first man was considered as the truth herself because no other man had found out the lie, but when a man did discover the lie, that man was considered and labeled a betrayer and even a greater liar and even a murder.

And time goes on by and men keep on dying as the liar intended but he that seeks the truth, the truth will send him free and she will speak for him until he is refined as the truth.


The Entrance is for Free

Many that say that they believe without really believing also say that the narrow entrance to eternity or to salvation is for free, but none of those many really says there is a great payment to exist and the exist that none of those does not say is death herself…

Because in truth, no man that has died is saved but is buried in a hole and covered as also that man that has died is buried into forgetfulness…

And the only man that is saved or that is given salvation is that man that as of yet still has life and that does for salvation so that salvation is given to that man while he is still alive and that man enters into her to continue with life…

The better one’s thought or knowledge

The better one’s thought or knowledge, the better one will see or one will understand and to come to truly understand truly was to be reborn or to enter into a better identity and because of being reborn or because of one having a better or greater identity thus one is free of all lack, so free that the only lack one will have is the lack of lack…

The last punishment

To lend service is not to cure. To lend service is a service for pay or for reward and the true cure does not need a building or an occupation or even be outside of one.

Now then, life also is lent! Life is borrowed and because life is borrowed, life is unknown to one! And even though it is not being charged for her now, in the day of pay it will be charged with all interest! And he that cannot pay all the interest, thus he will pay with his very death! And death is the last punishment, but because of being last will become forever last because death was the first punishment which will become for last!

Thus in truth, one must treat life as the only son and as son beloved of one so that the Master and Owner of life gives us life and cancel our interests and lifts also the punishment of death and dwell in every one of us as eternal cure. Because in truth, God as eternal cure only will dwell in that man alive freed from death!

An empty soul

An empty soul is an empty vase which has very few stains and it is a vase very easy to clean and to fill. In other words, it is much easier to convince someone of the truth who does not know the truth then to convince someone who believes what the truth is. Thus seek the truth so that you can be the very truth and be free of any other belief!

Time and freedom

Anything that requires time is not free. And real liberty is that liberty which renews time and times now appears as never ending because time has become real and limitless. But for time to become real, one has to be reborn!

Now then, to be reborn was in truth to be granted real knowledge from above. And with real knowledge from above really come the power and the authority to really put time behind one and one can now move eternity as one really pleases.