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Life has everything to do with true knowledge

Life as the same as existence truly has everything to do with true knowledge and because of true knowledge life moves to take form and because of true knowledge life does after birth to have more true knowledge of life to be reborn and to continue with life without having any end.


When one is born alive into the womb that is the world

When one is born alive into the womb that is world, one truly is born as contender because one brings to the world knowledge as contender for being victorious and being born alive and the very world, ironically, justifies or reconfirms that one is a contender. But the world or those that received one do not give continuation to that very same knowledge which one brought to the world and practically one loses that knowledge of one and later loses the form because of the death of one when life truly has its grandiose purpose, which truly begins after one is reborn and does not begin after one dies because to die was to live in vain…

One truly is born ready for every capacity

One truly is born ready for every capacity, even with the capacity of rebirth, with the knowledge which one brought into the world but the very world limits one through the very knowledge that the world has stopped from having by the very world stopping from doing and doing is what truly brings knowledge and knowledge is what truly gives form or identity or even justification and also knowledge gives the knowledge to be reborn or to be born again in complete abundance…

Knowledge is what gives form

Every conscious or living being truly depends on knowledge because knowledge is what gives form or gives reform or gives identity so that one can do because of the form or because of the reform or because of the identity to not only be able to survive and live but also to be able to be reborn to be able to continue with life and never one has to die.

But that second phase or lap or state of life where one is reborn thus has everything to do with God because only God can give or can grant the knowledge or the acknowledgement so that one can be reborn and one takes the reform or the form as if a new form even though the form of one truly will be the very same only that one will feel that the form of one is as if a totally new form because of one feeling as if brand new or as if one has just being born but with all understanding or with all knowledge or with all acknowledgement.

Existence as also is creation

Existence as also is creation and as also is faith truly is completely based on knowledge. And even though knowledge already exists, one must do for knowledge so that with that act of doing or with that act of the motion, one can truly receive knowledge so that one can take that form of that knowledge and one also can be born through her and be born alive, because without form nothing is born, even being born dead, is born with form!

To sin simply was because of lack of knowledge

To sin simply was because of lack of knowledge or for not understanding the knowledge given to one and because of not understanding that knowledge thus that knowledge is not transformed in the grand form of life which truly belonged to one and because of one not transforming thus one dies because everyone that sins to die is what he gets or what is left. That is, to die was the cause of not transforming into a new form by the knowledge given or granted to one…