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If the Apple is not Bitten

If the apple or any other fruit, which can transform into an enemy if forbidden, is not bitten, the teeth may be lost and if they are lost thus life may be lost and to dust will return he that did not bit for life.


The forbidden fruit

The forbidden fruit was before them for it was for them, but they were not ripe or mature and so when they grabbed the fruit, there was no seed in them, the seed of knowledge, the seed of knowledge that would give them both identity as beloveds or as born from the love of God and from that love of God thus be reborn as the fruit of God!

The Blame


There was a snake in one of two streets.
At times it was before one and then the other,
trying to convince the other part of me
to turn left right at the first tree,
bite and eat.

Yeah, that’s me in the middle,
with two eyes but one I shared
with the other half of me!

And with one mouth that I had also to share!
So the other half of me bit, but I swallowed.
And now I saw my naked shadow striped.

They removed the snake from the streets,
away from the fruit trees!
And now the streets are more naked than we;
and although that snake left,
we are doing the crawling;
but only because I blame the other half of me!

Oh, how straight and up right I would walk
if I just took the blame and put it behind the cross
I refuse to cross and to bear!