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Abundance Becomes

Abundance comes or becomes after birth or with life alive. And double the abundance, all five portions of her, comes or becomes after rebirth or with life renewed.


No one receives what is of God

No one receives what is of God without knowing the pleasure of God. And the pleasure of God is to make sure that one lacks nothing because of one presenting God for more or as more. When one is born alive into the world one has added to the world and the world became more because of one and the world began to feed one five different ways and then a sixth way when one became self-aware or conscious. And if one did with consciousness or with that sixth way for rebirth or for acknowledgement from above from the heavens then the heavens will become for more and will reward for one as more or for more as savior beloved of the heavens.

God is Life

He that puts God into trials, thus he dies dying until he completely dies! And death never was reward. He that believes that death is reward, thus he not only serves the enemy of life but also he is enemy of God because God is life and He is in complete gladness and in complete joy and also God is life renewed in double abundance, which truly are five portions!

Having and limit

Sometimes what one already has limits what one can in truth have because when one has, one cannot see that there is lack! And the worse lack is for one to be in lack and know not that one is in lack, because the knowledge of lack in truth is the very beginning of the abundance, of the double abundance which adds to five times the amount!

The real fruit

He who makes God the good and loving Creator his real console and his real joy, he will have the real double fruit. And the real double fruit is an abundance which adds to five times the amount, which in truth is real peace and real knowledge, real gladness and real joy and also is real acknowledgement, because now one is prince of salvation!

To share the received

Of nothings in truth serves to give to someone that does not already have if to him is not also given the knowledge or the understanding to be able to share the received. Because in truth, it is given to one according to what one oneself has presented and one thus will have more, even double the abundance which in truth could be up to five times the great amount! But if one has nothing or if one presents oneself with nothing, thus the little that will be given to one will also become into nothing because through nothing one asked or through nothing one thus presented oneself. And the truth is that when it is asked, it is asked for more and never is asked through nothing because in truth nothing is what will be!