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A tree without interest

Sometimes one takes a tree belonging to someone else and maintains it so that it can grow and can give its good fruit, but comes the owner and cuts down the tree while it is budding for envy and he is not grateful for what was done for him out of the heart.


For living a borrowed life

He that lives a borrowed life, he kills two and he even kills more, including generations which were not but that could had. And since he because of envy cannot have his very own, he kills the other; but because of death the other stops having and he also…

Because in truth, we all can have everything if everything we desire to have! But if one has envy of another because the other has before one or has more than one, then not until one truly removes the envy from one thus one will never enjoy what one oneself has no matter how much one may have…

Pride is envy

Pride is envy and envy in truth puts the envier in a road parallel to another road where in truth neither allows to cross to the one nor to cross to the other. And pride also puts the envier right between walls filled with pestilences that do not allow the one with pride that also is the envier thus in truth to taste in the living flesh with all gladness and with all joy what in truth is eternity! Now then, nothing renews or makes one to be reborn as true gladness and true joy!

Because in truth, to leave the pride or the envy, which add to hypocrisy, thus will take one to be glad and joyful! And from gladness and from joy one will be reborn as son beloved because now gladness is the father beloved of one and joy is the mother beloved of one…

The way man thinks

He who envies, he does not envy because he cannot do or he cannot have what another does or what another has.  He only envies because he has come to do or he has come to have second and he who comes second is as if he has come last.  And he who has come last is as if he never arrived.  And that is in truth the way man thinks.  But God can make the last as first and make the first as last.