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Empty hands empty heart

He that comes to search with empty hands, with empty hands he will leave. Because he that comes with empty hands, thus he also comes with an empty heart!


To sin and die

To lose life was because of sin and to sin was to die and to die was to lose every possibility of reviving or of rebirth because to revive or to be reborn one requires life. To sin was to deviate from the road toward life and to live in vain as an empty vase which never filled and because of never filled the vase was thrown to a side as nothing or as of vanity.

The eyes make full as make empty

What truly make things full are the eyes. And if the eyes are empty, then the things the eyes look at will also be empty. Thus, he that looks with empty eyes will not be seen because there will be an emptiness where he is. That is to say, the emptiness or the loneliness that one feels inside is emptiness or is loneliness that one also reflects outside. What truly fills the eyes so that the eyes can also fill things is true gladness because true gladness will attract or will bring true joy and both will give rebirth to one and one will be reborn in complete abundance because one is truly the complete abundance and once one has eyed anything, anything will be filled or will become also complete.

When the abundance can be chaos

Abundance can be chaos to those that never had the knowledge of her, not even common or basic or even essential knowledge. Many have being brought up without the real knowledge of the their fathers and even though they keep no hatred against their fathers, the lack of the fathers is very great, so great that if the fathers would one day let themselves be known, they will never see their very sons as their sons but they would see strangers because they are seeing their empty selves or seeing the lack of the fathers in their own sons!

When the light arrives

When the light arrives, even the very blind know it! But the blind know it not because of the warmth of the light, but they know it because their souls, even though blind and empty, have come out from darkness to humble for more in the very light which they cannot see but that shines because of them!