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God as Creator is a Conscious Effort

God as Creator is a conscious effort. To name or to adopt willingly truly is a conscious effort. To truly believe is a conscious effort because true believe drives the believer to achieve or to manifest the things of God as loving Creator and then as much more so that God as much more can be manifested or shown or be seen in the true believer…Now, a true believer is he that not only God has rewarded with true gladness and with true joy and also has rewarded him with the true feeling of abundance, which is the true anticipation of things to come because they already are, but also God has promised the true believer with a very grandiose reward…But that very grandiose reward or recompense depends once again upon the believer and the greater the believer believes thus the greater the reward or the recompense will be because the greater God will be…


we must put our maximum efforts toward God

We must put our maximum efforts toward God so that God through those very same efforts does for us! God is known through his reform of Creator and that reform of Creator made possible the creation of God when God through the creation of God took form or God was reformed or renewed or reborn as Creator and God also became greater through the creation of God.

Effort without thought

He that does not find to eat is because he does not have the sufficient hunger or he does not make an effort to seek and because of his lack of effort thus his lack he will have.

Now then, any effort without thought is an effort in vain and that which is made in vain thus will take one also to a vain need, vain because it will not take form. Everything that the human being does is because of thought or because of knowledge, because everything that is done because of thought or because of knowledge brings true gladness and true joy and true gladness and true joy make the human being for more and because of the human being thus being for more thus also everything else, because everything else is for the human being or through the human being…

Effort and interest

When someone pretends to look for the truth and he asks one where one found the truth, thus obviously he never sought, not even once! Because the truth is really found with effort and with interest and when the truth is really found, the truth also is understood because now one is the very truth!