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Death or Rebirth

When I keep myself in a tall silence is because one of two things overcame me, death or rebirth. But if I died thus my bones will say so and much later my dust.

But if I overcame death, thus my body herself will glow or shine thus speaking louder than my cry for joy or my words of mouth…

As Royal one enters the Kingdom of the Heavens

It is really entered or one really enters into the grandiose kingdom of God as royal or realist and never ever as a believer of fantasies or a believer of lies or even believer of false believes.

Salvation is not a Greek tragedy in where a god gives his life because of giving fire to man or because of giving illumination of how the heavens really function or what really is the will of God toward man, whose name really is from dust to dust.

In other words, the entrance to the grandiose kingdom of God really has everything to do with one’s conscious mind and the knowledge granted to her because of the act of oneself and never ever because of the act of another even though his is nicknamed a god…

Now then, the kingdom of God is a major or a higher state of consciousness or of identity in where one through the act of one is granted salvation as savior beloved and if one accepts thus one has entered the kingdom of God as savior and prince beloved of God…

When one looks up into the Heavens

When one’s eyes are attached to the ground, nothing but the ground or dust one will see and eventually become or return.

When one stands on the shoulders of giants, one can only see what is in one’s heart and not what the giants see or feel.

But when one looks up into the heavens, no matter how low one is, one has confirmed greater things and greater things will confirm one greater as they become even greater.

Coded Knowledge of God

The Bible is really Coded Knowledge of God, but without God or knowledge of God man is nothing no matter how great his technology or conscious thought because just as man returns to dust so will his things.

But he that goes after God, God will manifest in him and God will allow him to know the will of God that God has for him.

Now then, the will of God truly is after the knowledge that that man has of God and the greater the knowledge that that man has of God thus the greater the will of God towards that man.

To he that God gives from knowledge

That which is of God only knows or only understands God and the son that God gives from the knowledge of son beloved of God. Because in truth, every servant or every vase of clay that does the will of the Creator, thus every servant or every vase of clay will be adopted as servant beloved or vase beloved. That is, it will be granted the knowledge by God of servant beloved of God or vase beloved of God. And according to what that servant beloved or that vase beloved in truth does with that knowledge of beloved of God, thus beloved will again be adopted by God as son beloved of God. And as the son beloved of God, the son beloved will have the knowledge or the understanding of God.

Because in truth, from the dust of the very earth will rise and take form the son beloved of God and to God that son beloved will present so that God as very Father recognizes His very son beloved…

When all the times are renewed

When a son is born and is born alive, thus others are also renewed alive! When a man, being dust, is renamed alive son beloved of God, thus all the times are also renewed for that son as well as for God!

Because in truth, true knowledge as also a good name gives true form and renews the things and the times as well as renews one because a son born alive brings true knowledge of life and true knowledge of life renews life as well as all the times.

To believe

To not believe in God is to live in vain. To not believe in God is to return to dust. To believe in God is not to know God. To believe is only the beginning of a very long and a very difficult spiritual race or a very long and a very difficult spiritual marathon; and the reward or the trophy is only for the victor; but only when God says so or God grants acknowledgement.  And the reward or the trophy is rebirth of both the victor and of God…