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The Doctrine of Man

The doctrine of man was born dead and dead makes man the doctrine of man; but the word or the knowledge of God makes every man alive and if every man alive wants to live through her, through her every man alive will also be reborn and also will be saved so that saved every man can continue, but can truly continue as prince of salvation…


Man and doctrine

Like moth to light is man to doctrine, but when real light arrives both die in the blinding light because real light can truly be like a double edged sword which can cut one before one cuts another, that other being the enemy of life. And the enemy of life uses what man knows to hook man into hooking himself!

To die is not to do

One must first do to truly know things which are already known but which are not seen and to wait and to die is not to do, no matter how good sounding the doctrine. Because in truth, too much sound from the river is too much sound of the water and too much sound from the river does not sound too good.

The doctrine for the word

Those who do not renounce the doctrine for the word, they become rotten and later die without knowing the truth which always was before them and which could give them more life and even also give them the salvation of God so that they could continue with more life as savior beloved of God.

The true foundation

A good foundation or a true foundation can be always added to. But a foundation in doctrine, of those that the wind takes or of those that cannot pause time, cannot be added to because of being doctrine and will not be any space for more or for other and better ideas.

Because in truth, the good foundation or the true foundation is the very foundation that is but one in truth! Because in truth, to one can be truly added to no matter how complete one may be or how incomplete one may be. And when one is in truth complete, complete through complete knowledge, thus in truth one will be able to even pause the very times and because of one being a complete foundation thus one also will be able to truly add to everything else, even though also everything else may be in truth complete as one is in truth complete and because of being in truth complete, in truth one completes!

Because in truth, every conscious living being that in truth comes to be a true foundation or a complete foundation, thus that conscious living being will have the power to repair creation so that creation does not stop from being because the conscious living is in truth a living cell to save aliveā€¦

Doctrine as a work of fiction

Doctrine is in truth as a work of fiction that puts one before and puts one after a crossing which in truth is not seen, dictating that one really continues on after, even though without any movement to truly arrive!

Because in truth, without the good movement or without the gesture of, thus one cannot arrive as enter and once inside thus be invited to sit on the right side of the good Master of the good tent!

But life is in truth a good work of art which will get better through herself when through her is sought the good worker that started the good work of life and that waits in truth for her to be complete and that never she has end for being complete because that which in truth is complete thus in truth renews and will never see in truth end or will never be her end.

Man and the gift

Man is in truth a gift, a living gift, but not a gift to the world but rather a gift to man him very self! And when in truth man him very self takes away the blinders of false doctrine or he unwraps himself with the true knowledge of God, thus in truth that very man will marvel as son beloved of God!