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A Useless Point

Element Seveni17We do not have to be experts or have knowledge about the elements or mathematics to know that the number one really is a presentation of more and that the zero is a neutral point with many possibilities and that the negative really is lack of one or the negative is a denial of one and now one is negative and that way also transforming a neutral point into a negative point and even into a useless point.


Neither food nor money was found

Neither food nor money was found for that man that died of hunger, but when he died more than enough food and money was found; for, for the dead always was food and money and always was food and money because there always was food and money but those with the food and with the money denied the dying to pretend to enjoy with the living after the death of the starving man. Thus, most live in a world that is interested more in the dead than in the living.

The punishment of death

The punishment of death is because of stopping from doing and not coming to know or because of stopping from completing the law or for stopping from completing the knowledge which one came to achieve or overcame for and now one denies recognition or one denies giving acknowledgement to.

Because in truth, denying recognizing or denying giving acknowledgement thus is death and death is eternal punishment, eternal punishment in where one can no longer do or overcome to be reborn.

Nothing finishes having end

The end has no end because the end is finished! That which has finished no longer has any end. Now then, to end or to die was not to complete the call, the call which would allow he that responded to really continue as ever new without ever knowing end, end which really is for lack of knowing and because of not knowing thus not responding to the call and because of not responding to the call thus as if no one ever were and because no one ever were thus end, end even though the end was not part of anything but since the beginning did not respond even though it was present, the beginning thus allowed for end as the denial for life allowed for death even though death was not part of anything…

Rest and life

When the mind denies the rest, pain enforces it. Thirst, hunger or even pain ask for life to maintain life, but if man after the thirst, after the hunger or even after the pain does not ask from above for more life, life will end for lack of life and there will no longer be more thirst, there will no longer be more hunger and there will no longer even be more pain for life.

Do not deny through teaching

Do not deny if your son has something to offer you through your own teaching, but do not let yourself be taken in by your son for what is his. Because in truth, the son that has done the will of the father, the father will call him and the father will tell him and the son will leap as a kid filled with gladness and with joy and that gladness and that joy in the now good son also will bring a renewing smile to the father.

When it is denied

When one dies oneself, thus one also denies one as much more! And for one to deny was because of some knowledge or an act which one saw but which one did not believe in truth that it was for never before one knowing one. But that act of denying causes chaos because now what was known has being denied that it has not being, even if seen! And the soul of one has being afflicted and will continue to be afflicted because of one denying reality until one repents of denying oneself…