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Existence truly is one

Existence truly is one and existence truly is based on numbers and existence begins with one and truly continues until the infinite without being able to be counted. But no matter how infinite the numbers all add up to one. And when one is born, one truly is born as one or as the number one and one also has that very same grandiose ability of continuing until the infinite without having any end but to continue also as one or even as more or for much more.


Why the law?

If a law were ever given or were ever demanded, the law was given because of the count or given because of the few that were going to blemish or to stain the many; and because of the count or because of the few, the many will die!

One and another

In the very same moment which one stops from being one to be another or to pretend to be another that one does not even know, thus one never was one as either another! Not even God wants that one stops from being one, but rather, that one returns to one because one in truth is beloved of God because of one and one is not beloved because of another. And when God says son, son beloved, God has said it through God Himself toward oneself for being beloved of God and not for being another beloved of God toward another beloved.

Thus in truth, one is counted because of one and not because of another. That is to say, one is named because of one and with that name of one; one will live and will do if it is that one was born alive. And if one was born dead, even though the name given indicates life, of nothing will serve that name because one was given a name of another…