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When the Heavens became Greater or Taller

The heavens no matter how great or tall they are the heavens need the earth as much or even more as the earth needs the heavens.

And without the earth thus there would not be any heavens because before the earth, there was only heaven and when the earth came to be or was named or was separated from heaven, heaven became greater or taller as the heavens.

And there is nothing that the heavens will not do for the earth as long as the earth humbles to the heavens for more because the heavens know that they will be greater or taller from the simple humbles from the earth for more…

Now, the earth is living man and the heavens are the different realms of God and God is one.

In other words, the earth is conscious man and the heavens are different or other consciousness or simply put, man is the conscious mind and the heavens are other conscious mode and God is the brain…


A Higher Existence or Consciousness

Those that do not care for God, they should if they truly want to reach a higher existence because only God is true knowledge and true acknowledgement and one only enters a higher existence or consciousness of God by God or through God.

A Higher Consciousness

The path of less resistance or without contention not only leads to laziness or vanity but also leads to death. And death ends any possibility to any other possibilities, such as a higher consciousness with gladness and joy, in double abundance all five portions, and with the power and the authority of the heavens here on the earth.

Man’s true destiny

The man and the woman felt ashamed of the naked truth, the naked truth which was their true destiny. Man truly is a vase for pleasure and for pleasure man, therefore, must present himself to the Creator. Man is not an empty vase because in man there is everything he needs to complete his true destiny, which is on the right side of God as the right side of God. But after his birth, man seeks pleasure away from himself which leads him away from rebirth and three steps further away from his true destiny. But as long as man is still alive, man can repent or turn around and seek God because only God can truly give man the knowledge of rebirth as God gave man the knowledge of creation thus allowing or granting man consciousness or self-awareness.

God is the only one that truly can grant to one

God is the only one that truly can grant to one the entrance to the next thinking mode or mode of understanding or of consciousness or of new life because God opens or God expands one’s mind so that one can take the knowledge and be transformed into that very knowledge without one having to travel or exist from one side to another and much less go up to the heavens because with every new state of mind or of consciousness or of life one feels right here on the very earth as if in the very heavens because of one feeling in complete harmony…

God truly is knowledge and life

Many do not believe in God or do not care to believe in God. And some that have some believe or some knowledge of God paint God as if sitting in a chair in the heavens dictating or enforcing his will and waiting that one dies to receive one’s breath with open arms to give one new life, but each to his own fantasy…

But to truly believe in God or to have true knowledge of God is a very great benefit because God truly is knowledge and life is born and is reborn through knowledge. And if one desires to live for a longer period of time or one even desires to live all of eternity in complete harmony thus one must seek of God because only God is the one that truly grants knowledge so that one can be reborn or so that one can enter into other states of consciousness or of understanding or of life…