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When something is complete

One can truly tell when something is complete when it can be added more through words, good words. And only man alive as well as God can do such a good deed, truly add to things already complete…

Death and the not complete

When one dies thus it was because one was not complete. That is, when one dies it was because one was not completed by he that completes one. And when one dies, one dies for lack of being completed in life. And only God will complete in life so that one dies not…

Love and care

Truly love to truly care and one will truly be happier and one will also be complete, but nothing is truly completed unless someone says so and that someone can truly add more to one because that other is truly complete and for being truly complete that other can truly add more to what is already complete, such as one.

Being close to completeness

Being truly happy or being truly joyful is being truly close to completeness. And being close to true completeness is being truly close to God. Now then, to get truly close to God is also to become compete as God.

Because in truth, only God is completely happy or only God is completely joyful because in truth the happiness of God or the joy of God makes God completely happy or complete joyful!

That is, the happiness or the joy of God is what completes and recompletes as always new and when one finds the happiness or the joy of God thus one is about to be complete as new!