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Empty hands empty heart

He that comes to search with empty hands, with empty hands he will leave. Because he that comes with empty hands, thus he also comes with an empty heart!


Because of not Doing

He that has very easily without doing, it will be very impossible for him to do and not being able to do because of not knowing, he will not be able to be reborn and because of not being able to be reborn thus he will die. And to die was because of not doing and because of not doing, not understanding and not coming to respond to the grandioso call of salvation…

To do makes to know

One comes in truth to God in true understanding, for God is in truth true understanding. One in truth comes to true understanding with knowledge, for in truth understanding is in truth true knowledge. That is, to come or to enter is also to come or is to enter in knowledge. And one comes to knowledge in truth through doing, because in truth doing makes to know or makes to remember to understand that God is in truth understanding. And with the knowledge given to God, God will respond renaming or acknowledging.