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No trespassing

It only takes one man three steps to sin or to break the law, for the no trespassing sign really says so! But the real sin is in the blame, which is like lying and lying for the enemy. One blamed another up to three times, but the one getting the worst was the first to blame or to lie!


The Blame


There was a snake in one of two streets.
At times it was before one and then the other,
trying to convince the other part of me
to turn left right at the first tree,
bite and eat.

Yeah, that’s me in the middle,
with two eyes but one I shared
with the other half of me!

And with one mouth that I had also to share!
So the other half of me bit, but I swallowed.
And now I saw my naked shadow striped.

They removed the snake from the streets,
away from the fruit trees!
And now the streets are more naked than we;
and although that snake left,
we are doing the crawling;
but only because I blame the other half of me!

Oh, how straight and up right I would walk
if I just took the blame and put it behind the cross
I refuse to cross and to bear!

The Fault


She fills my plate with more that I can eat, and because I cannot eat more than I can see, I am filled with emptiness.

She fills my drinking cup until it spills, so that when I touch it, my thirst is taken away by anger; why the destruction?

She fills my bed with coldness because of the lack of sensation, even though her body is naked,
naked next to me.

She dares to say it’s my fault, once and always; but when I first started, I first began with a caress and finished moist and tired; and thirsted for warm flesh.

The night as the day, without a word!

Why the self-destruction? How ugly can we be that we must destroy everything that has a memory of us?