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Death is not natural for the conscious being

Death is natural for non-conscious beings, but death is unnatural for those that are (conscious), but if they let themselves die thus it was because of them being unconscious.


Nothing Returns to Nothing

Nothing returns to nothing for nothing when something stops from doing and that something was not reborn. That is, from nothing comes nothing and never ever something. Something comes out from something because of something doing but if that something stops from doing thus that something cannot be reborn and because of not been reborn thus cannot continue as if something new and never end or never come to end…

Thus, one is born because of doing and or is reborn also because of doing and one always does for something and never ever for nothing. In the moment which one stops from doing not only will one stop from being born but also one will stop from being reborn and nothing will return to nothing because of something or one stopping from being or stopping from existing, but one stops from being or one stops from existing because of something or because of one stopping from doing…

The reason that one must do for knowing for oneself

One must do for knowing for oneself because in the moment which one stops from doing for oneself, one loses knowledge or there is no knowledge of one and for lack of knowledge of one or of acknowledgement of one or even for lack of the justification of one not only one stops from doing and from being but also all things stop from doing and also stop from being…

Joy is a being of company

True joy is not a lonely being. True joy is a being of company. When one comes out from the loving grace of the father, one comes out filled with gladness and filled with joy so that one through them one can triumph and because of one triumphing, one can receive life and through life one takes form and with form one can be born and because of one being born, and born alive, one brings gladness and joy to the world which received one and the world filled with gladness and filled with joy can receive and reconfirm one to life. But after one is born and one grows, that very gladness and that very joy are forgotten by one and one once again must seek the way to come to that gladness and that joy which truly propelled one to overcome for life so that with life be born…

Such is the form of the human being

One can wait all life for something that one has desired with all heart and when it arrives as if suddenly, one does not understand it and rejects it! Such is the form of the human being and that form because he did not take form to receive the form that he waited for.

One waits because in truth one has done and the true wait or the hope is what gives form not only to what it is being waited for, but also gives form to one so one because of the form of one, the thing waited for will be seeing complete no matter how small it may be because one has truly become complete through hope.

Effort without thought

He that does not find to eat is because he does not have the sufficient hunger or he does not make an effort to seek and because of his lack of effort thus his lack he will have.

Now then, any effort without thought is an effort in vain and that which is made in vain thus will take one also to a vain need, vain because it will not take form. Everything that the human being does is because of thought or because of knowledge, because everything that is done because of thought or because of knowledge brings true gladness and true joy and true gladness and true joy make the human being for more and because of the human being thus being for more thus also everything else, because everything else is for the human being or through the human being…