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Hidden beauty

Hidden beauty, even though eternal beauty, is useless beauty even though if real or if royal beauty. And there is no beauty, eternal or real, until someone says so…And there is nothing until someone says so…And if there is nothing, but no one to say so, then there is something, even if eternal nothing…

Beauty and eternity

Hidden beauty is eternal, but hidden beauty is useless for beauty in truth depends on an eye, preferably human and naked. But when beauty is seeing by a naked human eye, thus beauty truly stops from being eternal because it was seeing by a mortal, that even though added with life to what already was complete, has taken twice through dying.



simple creatures pretending to be complex;

educating ourselves to be dumb;

dressing our simple body because we believe it’s more complex naked;

not noting that it’s more complex dressed;

not noting that inside is now naked;

and so we created the bikini and the naked picture,

to make things worst;

and so no verse is written to dress

or undress the beauty of simplicity

and the simplicity of beauty;

for whom or what can write a whole verse

when he or it knows the whole thought?

soon, we shall be so naked,

that soon we shall be not noting that we are

so naked.