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A Government for those that do not do

The government will never give me so that I am able to do something, such as excel or even become greater of what I am, but so that the government can pretend to do something and keep in power due to those that do not do and not because of those that do. But when there no longer is one that no longer does thus the government also will keep from being.


Because of not Doing

He that has very easily without doing, it will be very impossible for him to do and not being able to do because of not knowing, he will not be able to be reborn and because of not being able to be reborn thus he will die. And to die was because of not doing and because of not doing, not understanding and not coming to respond to the grandioso call of salvation…

To do to Understand

Of nothing serves to look and see if nothing comes out of one’s mouth and gives grace. Thus, to live and to be reborn one must use one’s mouth to request knowledge and once one is lend or one is granted knowledge thus one does with that knowledge so that one is able to understand and respond with understanding, which truly is to enter into the grandiose tent and take the position offered even though a minor position as savior…

To listen and to respond

Every man that truly lends knowledge or that presents himself, thus every man truly listens to respond again and be able to recognize so that with that very recognition or with that answer every man feels for something more.Now then, every man that does not respond after presenting himself, thus every man will be but nothing until every man is called again and if every man as of yet does not respond, he will be called once in a while until death calls him and death takes him. And once death calls and death takes him, never ever man will be called in life toward life.

Existence truly is one

Existence truly is one and existence truly is based on numbers and existence begins with one and truly continues until the infinite without being able to be counted. But no matter how infinite the numbers all add up to one. And when one is born, one truly is born as one or as the number one and one also has that very same grandiose ability of continuing until the infinite without having any end but to continue also as one or even as more or for much more.

Everything that is knowledge moves or makes for more knowledge

Everything that is knowledge truly moves or makes for more knowledge to be able to continue in existence as knowledge or with form. But that which did not achieve more knowledge after of presenting itself thus that lost its form and that has stopped from existing and even though there remains a piece of that as in the form of a rock or aches, that was not the form or that was not the reform with which will continue to exist…

Knowledge is what gives form

Every conscious or living being truly depends on knowledge because knowledge is what gives form or gives reform or gives identity so that one can do because of the form or because of the reform or because of the identity to not only be able to survive and live but also to be able to be reborn to be able to continue with life and never one has to die.

But that second phase or lap or state of life where one is reborn thus has everything to do with God because only God can give or can grant the knowledge or the acknowledgement so that one can be reborn and one takes the reform or the form as if a new form even though the form of one truly will be the very same only that one will feel that the form of one is as if a totally new form because of one feeling as if brand new or as if one has just being born but with all understanding or with all knowledge or with all acknowledgement.