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Three Months After Hurricane Maria 


Three Months After Hurricane Maria

Today I paid 75 cents for a small apple.  I purchased four of them at the Marias’ Supermarket, Las Marias.  Most things went up.  A box of 12 candles sticks was under 2 dollars before the disaster, but now is close to 4 dollars or more.

Elsewhere, the same story.  Gasoline went up from 62 cents regular per liter to 72 cents or more per liter.  I paid 8 dollars for a quart of oil for my car.

But nevertheless, a bottle of water is more expensive than gasoline costing a buck or more for about 16 oz.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and to all!

By Francisco Sanchez, Las Marias, Puerto Rico


Law and abandonment

He that abandoned his nest or his dwelling, thus he in truth cannot put law in that nest or in that dwelling which he in truth will not be and which he also has abandoned.

Because in truth, the law is not independent but rather the law is dependent and depends in truth that the law be carried out even though the very law has fault for being dependent. Thus to put law is to put fault but more fault is in truth to put and not be to complete and to renew!