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The Function of the Universe

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Know the function of the universe or the function of existence and you will function much better or with a greater identity, because to come to know was because of doing and thus entering into understanding, which really is to enter into the right side of existence as the right side of existence and thus one becoming as the very beginning because of one renewing or because of one refreshing existence because of one knowing…

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God and One

He that does not believe in God, he neither believes in himself and because of the lack of God in his life also he will have lack not only of himself because of he being one but he also will have lack of God because God truly is complete knowledge and because of God thus being complete knowledge thus God truly is the perfect one but with one…

To be reborn to never die

Many are born in true gladness and in true joy, but know it not for they were not told. But to know true gladness and true joy is to be reborn to never die. Now then, true gladness and true joy are of God and God never dies and that is the very reason one must seek God because God will put true gladness and true joy in one. In fact, one will be Gods true gladness and true joy!