Daily Archives: May 19, 2018

The entire world loves a clown

The entire world loves a clown even though he cannot act beyond his foolishness, because it is better to see a fool in his foolishness than to see one in one’s. But the clown really sees more foolishness in the eyes of the world and the more foolishness he sees, the more foolish he acts.


The lie versus the bad habit

I do not know as of yet which is worst, a bad habit that with every step or turn leads one closer to death or a lair that lies to everyone until all lie dead.

But the thing about a lair is that he lives the lie even though with false gladness and with false joy no matter what the lie and he will not stop lying until he lies dead with death, but he will not lie to her because she speaks for him because of him being dead.

And the thing with he that has a bad habit is that at any moment he can turn and make amend and seek the truth which will fill him with true gladness and with true joy of life, both of which will renew him and show him that there is more to life here on earth.