Daily Archives: May 10, 2018

Abundance Becomes

Abundance comes or becomes after birth or with life alive. And double the abundance, all five portions of her, comes or becomes after rebirth or with life renewed.


To Continue Abundantly in Life

Those that look for life in graves, they will be as dead as the dead because graves are for the dead put there for being dead.

Those that look for life in life or in the living, they will have life or live abundantly.

Time heals no wounds

Those that say that time heal wounds, thus they but lie because they never had a wound healed by time. Now then, only God can heal a wound such as loneliness or sadness by removing her and throwing her into emptiness because of her being nothing and nothing doing and puts in her place the Love of God and in that grandiose process give to one a greater identity as beloved of God…