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In the beginning one entered

In the beginning one entered the vacuum of space, but the vacuum of space tried to compress one into nothing, less than a zero, a void; but one contended and became more in the vacuum of space which now no longer was empty…


A New Island

What happened to the Numerologists? Did they vanish through the eye of Hurricane Maria with their lies?Hurricane Maria was classified as a category five, meaning tests, trials and temptation and then justified after the tests, the trials and the temptations.Hurricane Maria hit the Island of Puerto Rico with the wind speed of 180 miles per hour and dumping water as if submerging the Island into the ocean, something like a baptism.But nevertheless, the Island of Puerto Rico  is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide. The Island is one and will be united through trials and those trials, which still are, will make the Island of Puerto Rico  into a New Island, even though still a colony, but trials that were as if they never ever were.