The True Gift from God

The true or the very grandiose gift from God begins with the true faith of God because of one’s search for God, God also being one and through one does or completes faith which once began with gladness and with joy and with all feeling of double abundance in anticipation for what was about to be arrived once one’s faith became complete as the faith of God…

Because in truth, for one to achieve the faith of God only is the very grandioso beginning of many beginnings and of many more anticipations until the heavens come down to the earth and the earth once again is united to the heavens and be the earth as if in the very heavens…

Because in truth, the heavens were not separated from the earth so that the heavens could be higher than the earth but so that the earth did for the heavens and the heaven come down to her and because of her the heavens truly become as another heavens and the earth also become as if another earth and all of that because of the true or the very grandioso gift of God of faith…


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