When one entered into space or into the world

When one entered into space or into the world, one entered as knowledge and space or the world humbled and allowed one to take the space or the part of the world which belonged to one for one being born and for what one was going to do in the world, such as grow and even to expand as if the very light…

And when one entered into space or into the world, one also received the other four portions that also belonged to one, such as to see, to breathe or to smell, to eat or to taste and also to feel on the skin. But already one of the portions, which give a total of five portions, already one was using and that portion was the portion of hearing because before one was born into the world, already one was listening even though without understanding…

Interestingly, that one heard the world before one knew the world. In other words, one already knew through hearing that outside in the world was more and that the world waited for one for more so that for more the world presented or humbled or offered itself…

And when one was born, one was given identity but according to the identity which oneself presented to the world. But every identity also has the identity of contender because of one being born alive and having to do in the world to not only survive and maintain with life but also having to do to revive or be reborn or receive a greater identity and maintain oneself with new life until the end of the times…


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