A Greater Identity

Movement gives knowledge and knowledge gives form or gives reform, but understanding or acknowledgement or a greater identity is in one or is one when one gives knowledge or gives acknowledgement that there is one greater than one and that one is also much higher than oneself…

And because of one doing that act of acknowledgement, thus one also will be among the great or one will be among the tall because the great or the tall will acknowledge one with the very same acknowledgement which one acknowledged with…

Existence or life is all based on knowledge and acknowledgement. Knowledge is to take form and with form be born. And once one has being born and knows one’s form, with one’s form do to achieve the acknowledgement which will transform one or will give to one the new form or reform or a greater identity of life and so that with life one can continue without one ever having to know death because that new life renews and it renews not only with gladness and with joy but also life renews or is reborn with all abundance of knowledge, of peace and of prosperity and one also will be the very light of one which illuminates the night and the night will be as the very light…


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