Knowledge is what gives form

Every conscious or living being truly depends on knowledge because knowledge is what gives form or gives reform or gives identity so that one can do because of the form or because of the reform or because of the identity to not only be able to survive and live but also to be able to be reborn to be able to continue with life and never one has to die.

But that second phase or lap or state of life where one is reborn thus has everything to do with God because only God can give or can grant the knowledge or the acknowledgement so that one can be reborn and one takes the reform or the form as if a new form even though the form of one truly will be the very same only that one will feel that the form of one is as if a totally new form because of one feeling as if brand new or as if one has just being born but with all understanding or with all knowledge or with all acknowledgement.


One thought on “Knowledge is what gives form

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