Witnesses in Silence

Those that are witnesses in silence are also friends of the enemy of life and the enemy of life also is enemy of God. But the enemy of life is enemy of God for the enemy lying to life so that God would punish her with the death penalty. And even though death comes from God as the worst punishment, death is not the enemy of God because death cannot touch God but only in his heart for God being a being of true love who loves life alive or conscious and life alive or conscious truly is beloved of God.

And since live truly is beloved of God, God will truly pardon life if life truly repents and life truly seeks for God so that God can remove the death penalty, because only God could remove the death penalty and death truly dies for one but truly dies for every one that God pardons as his beloved!

And once God removes the death penalty and death dies for one, the enemy of life and of God will humble to the very feet of life and will never look at her and never again will the enemy of life deceive her, but only the enemy of life will be a witness in silence which will truly serve of nothing because no longer life will remember that she once died and that she died because of a trap of the enemy of life that at last the enemy of life fell in and God will truly become for much more for God truly becoming for Savior Eternal…


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