God and the atheist

Without God or without the knowledge of God there is no atheist because the greater part of being an atheist is God. An atheist puts himself before God to then deny or to put God after the very atheist. And so the atheist lives through his very denial! But imagine if the atheist truly accepted the creation of God because through the creation of God the atheist knows enough of God to stop denying God…

Now, one truly denies or truly rejects because one truly knows something or knows enough to deny or to reject that something. But if one truly knew God or of God, then one truly would want to know more of God because God truly wants one for something better and through God or because of God one will become much more. Why deny becoming more? To deny God is to deny all possibility of a better life or to deny all possibility of salvation because God is complete knowledge and through complete knowledge one can truly have a better life or be saved, which is to be reborn in order to continue alive in a better life right here on the very earth…


One thought on “God and the atheist

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