When nothing is left to end

The interesting thing about the end is that when the end comes thus nothing is left to end, not even the very end. That which was continues as it was. Darkness returns as empty space as empty space returns to vacuum. And so what was before the beginning returns as end or returns to nothing, but the end was not before the beginning. The beginning was before the end because the beginning was the cause of the end for the beginning not continuing without end. And when the end came to be, the end became as a greater end because that end was never before. And because of the end becoming greater for the failure of the beginning, the end will attract another beginning, a beginning having nothing to do with the very first beginning because the very first beginning attracted or caused the end, the end which gave birth to a new beginning but gave end or death to the very first beginning when the very first beginning gave birth to the end or to death through the end or the death of the very first beginningā€¦


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