The real present and the real reward

The real present is the real reward. The past left and left without saying goodbye, but even so, the past makes us trip to keep us from doing and without understanding or without knowing in truth…

Because in truth, the past was something that remained without doing or without really being completed and the past keeps us from forgetting in truth that incomplete fact…

The future or tomorrow will not be as the past will either be and those who become really attached to what was not completed, thus they also will not be complete and they also will keep from being…

Now then, the real present is the real reward because the present arrives complete and the real present renews itself every day. That is the very reason that we must do today the maximum effort of knowing or of requesting that it be granted to us the real knowledge because with real knowledge thus we forever will become as new, so new in fact that the past will also become complete and tomorrow will also become forever as the real present!


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