Daily Archives: September 20, 2015

The best friend and the real companion

Love God and fall in love with the real joy of God. Make her your best friend and your real or royal companion, because with her you must present yourself to God as if your bride or as if your wife, because she as well as God renews everything touched!

The truth of the stones

Who sings to God if God is not in he who sings? The dead cannot sing to God because God is not in the dead. And the truth is that the stones with their presence and with their solid form speak of God, but not the dead!

To cover with borrowed blood

Many, but a very great multitude, throws stones to the neighbor so that they can cover their fault with borrowed blood or with the sacrifice of another, which in truth only served the other if the other was saved in life and saved in real life with real abundance, but the sacrifice served no one else!

But they, the very great multitude, also denies seeing that the neighbor is an image of not only of one but also that the neighbor is an image of all others, even though alone!

Thus, in truth, the real or the royal sacrifice that one can do for the real or the royal things of God is the real or the royal sacrifice which really counts or which will really speak for one and speak always as more!

With the real joy of the loving Father

The joy of man is what makes man. The joy of man becomes united to man as if it were his gladness or his spirit, but man as son cannot in truth come to the loving Father with the joy or with the spirit of a brother or of another son because it would be hypocrisy because it would be love through another and not love through oneself because the love of one is the love which in truth counts for one and really speaks for one!

Thus in truth, to come to the loving Father, one comes with the joy of the Father in one and one comes in truth as the real son of the loving Father. The joy of the loving Father in the real son is the gladness or the spirit of the loving Father in the real son.