Daily Archives: September 16, 2015

Real love

When one loves or is loved, thus one endures pain! But in truth, real love or true love does not hurt because real love or true love renews, makes things as new constantly until forever!

The lack of rest

If the labor has not profited after a good day of laboring, thus the labor lacks the good rest, what truly completes the labor! And for the labor thus being truly complete, the labor refreshes or the labor renews and if ever there were any hardship in the labor, now as if the hardship never was!

True faith and acknowledgement

To come to have true faith or faith of God or real faith was in truth to have overcome, even though one has not as of yet triumphed with complete real gladness and with complete real joy! Thus, true faith or faith of God or real or royal faith is to recognize or is to acknowledge and be recognized or is to be acknowledged from high above by God.

Now then, to be really recognized or acknowledged was to have received or was to be granted from above by God the good title of life or of salvation to thus continue in life.